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Here comes the Bride.... and the dog!

Many pet owners and celebrities these days are choosing to include their pet(s) in their wedding. In many cases, the pet attending or in the wedding happens to be a dog, since dogs are most easily trained and social but I understand that cats, parakeets and other little ones have been a part of those special days too. I remember my sweet beloved Taylor (my first Weiner-dog) and how precious he was...

Have a "Howling" Good Time!

Expect an invitation and wear your best duds to the new growing trends of Doggie Birthday Parties! I thought we were in a recession, but have a birthday party for your doggie, why not?

Some pet parents throw extremely elaborate doogie birthday parties for their canines, other times, a dog birthday partyis a low-key affair or simply an excuse to get together with friends. Planning can be...

Working Hollywood Dogs - Where Are They Now? (And What Are They Wearing?)

We all know People Magazine has great celebrity style know-how. In it's most recent issue - they offered a pet-enthusiast style feature - and just had to share and comment. This article and photo feature showcases some celebrity pups (and more!) in their drop-dead gorgeous accessories and apparel - trust us, this is top of the line stuff here.

In the latest issue of People, they featured a “Where...

Molly and June

Certainly, buying a nice scarf or high-end apparel for your best friend or loved one isn’t out of the question ! I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw the precious reversible scarves for the furry-canine-types from Molly and June.

I mean, who would hesitate to put their TRUE best friend in this precious and colorful little accessory ? Or maybe you live in a rainy part of our beautiful planet - try... Review Medals