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Here comes the Bride.... and the dog!

Many pet owners and celebrities these days are choosing to include their pet(s) in their wedding. In many cases, the pet attending or in the wedding happens to be a dog, since dogs are most easily trained and social but I understand that cats, parakeets and other little ones have been a part of those special days too. I remember my sweet beloved Taylor (my first Weiner-dog) and how precious he was...

Have a "Howling" Good Time!

Expect an invitation and wear your best duds to the new growing trends of Doggie Birthday Parties! I thought we were in a recession, but have a birthday party for your doggie, why not?

Some pet parents throw extremely elaborate doogie birthday parties for their canines, other times, a dog birthday partyis a low-key affair or simply an excuse to get together with friends. Planning can be...

Life Vest for Dogs, so many uses

Doing my normal internet surfing for dog clothing and accessorories, I stumbled across a pretty cool idea to keep your doggies safe while they are frolicking in the water, LIFE JACKETS FOR DOGS!

I am amazed, I had no idea that not all dogs can swim, so having a floation device on your dog would ease your mind. The life jacketalso provides an effective way to rehabilitate dogs with leg injuries....

The Proper Doggie

We all know Ellen loves her dogs! On her show yesterday we saw and were introduced to her guest and featured expert Hollywood dog trainer, Tamar Geller - of The Loved Dog Foundation - and Author of The Loved Dog - and she's also a dog and human life coach.

When the Doggie Bloggie Goddesses saw this; we knew we had to share with our readers interested in all things canine.We reviewed her website,... Review Medals