Have a "Howling" Good Time!

Expect an invitation and wear your best duds to the new growing trends of Doggie Birthday Parties! I thought we were in a recession, but have a birthday party for your doggie, why not?

Some pet parents throw extremely elaborate doogie birthday parties for their canines, other times, a dog birthday party is a low-key affair or simply an excuse to get together with friends. Planning can be extensive or relatively minor depending on what you have in mind.

Such dog birthday parties are part of a growing trend, according to the American Pet Products Association. The group's 2009-10 National Pet Owners Survey says that about 7 percent of dog owners hold holiday or birthday dog parties for their friends. That's up from 6 percent before 2008. And the APPA projects that those numbers will keep growing even through the recession, as overall pet spending hits $45.4 billion this year. That is a lot of partying!

There are many pup party preparations to take before throwing your pooch a birthday party, you must plan like you would any birthday party.
  • Doggie cakes or doggie treats (there are so many choices, you can get flavours including banana nut, apple cinnamon and honey almond make it easy to customize for your pampered pooch and his friends.
  • Don't forget the best thing! Every birthday girl or boy should have a brand new pooch birthday outfit to sport at the special event!
  • Don’t forget to give your “human party go-ers” refreshments! Try"K9 Candy", which is the cutest bone-shaped people candy around or "Kooky Chew" party food snacks, that looks like kibbles. Service snacks in dog bowls, it will be a HUGE hit! You can make sandwiches and then cut with a dog bone shaped cookie cutter.

Doggie Birthday Activities and Birthday party games are fun too! Have each doggie guest come in doggie costume and have a mini-fashion show! You might want to pick up some pet friendly small organic dog toys to use as prizes for best costume, most original, funniest, etc. There are great doggie costumes to buy out there!

Instead of receiving gifts for your Pooch, why not ask for donations to favorite charities, especially those benefiting animals. Have party go-ers bring a bag of dog food, or a pet bed, or something that you can take to a local shelter.

Whatever you do and how big you make your Doggie Birthday Party, remember to just enjoy your time, stay safe and make new friends!

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