Here comes the Bride.... and the dog!


Many pet owners and celebrities these days are choosing to include their pet(s) in their wedding. In many cases, the pet attending or in the wedding happens to be a dog, since dogs are most easily trained and social but I understand that cats, parakeets and other little ones have been a part of those special days too. I remember my sweet beloved Taylor (my first Weiner-dog) and how precious he was to me but I cannot say how he would do in a wedding and I am not sure if I would have wanted to find out.

I understand that it is all in the wedding planning. If you do not know how your pet will react around a group of people, I am not sure I would take the chance. Pets can be very unpredictable at times and over excited. BUT… if you are sure Fido will be an added blessing for your wedding day, I say GO FOR IT!

Why not I guess, there is even an online game where you can dress your pet for the big day. offers a free online game where you change out outfits on your pet to participate in the blessed event. If you want a dog tiara, just add it on, if you want her with a doggie wedding veil change it up and you are ready to roll.

There are steps to take before planning your big day if you are going to include your best buddy in the festivities:

  • Find out if the establishment allows pets whether it be in a church or reception hall.

  • Make sure you tell your Wedding Planner about the plans to include Buster. She should know exactly what to do.

  • Appoint a “temporary guardian” to be with your dog during the entire event making sure he is not overwhelmed, or needs water or simply to “relieve himself”.

  • Always have a “Plan B”, just in case things don’t go as planned.

  • Again.....unpredictable pets can cause an unpredictable outcome, so rehearse, rehearse and rehearse again.

    Most importantly in my book is for your pet to look good at the wedding!! Bridal fashion for dogs, whether they are tying the knot or involved in their owners wedding is so crucial. There are
    precious dog wedding outfits out there. You can spend as low as $25.00 all the way up to a $215.00 for this great Diamond Jim Leather and Swarovski Crystal Dog Vest. Don’t forget the wedding dog accessories either… the veil, the dress, the tux, the jewelry, hat and the bachelor party wear!

    Make sure your photographer includes your party go-er as well and have a wonderful wedding!

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