Dogs can mourn for MJ too


I must say… although I thought he might have been strange, I loved Michael Jackson’s music. I can remember my high school friend (Val) and I skating to “Keep on with the force; don’t stop till you get enough” ! What great times.. No worries, just a bunch of friends have a great time to great music. Who would have known all the drama that would surround this music man later in life.

As I watched the very moving public service for Michael Jackson, I was deeply moved by the words that were spoken about him and know that there were still people in the world that loved him and were saddened and shocked by his death. I even learned that Michael Jackson and the Jackson family once owned a German Shepard, Louie, I really thought that is choice of pets, were the exotic animals.

What better way to show your mourning for Michael Jackson than to put your best buddy in this “Goodbye Michael” Rhinestone Doggie T-shirt. It will fit any doggie from a Yorkie or small to a German Shepard! It comes in sizes X-Small to a whopping big doggie size 6X! It is affordable and the rhinestone paw is just lovely for the honoring of Michael Jackson.

If you are one of the many people on this earth that adored and liked Michael Jackson and his music, be the first to put your doggie in this great “Goodbye Michael” T-shirt.

Thank you Posh Puppy for carrying this doggie shirt honoring Michael Jackson.

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