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We all know Ellen loves her dogs! On her show yesterday we saw and were introduced to her guest and featured expert Hollywood dog trainer, Tamar Geller - of The Loved Dog Foundation - and Author of The Loved Dog - and she's also a dog and human life coach.

When the Doggie Bloggie Goddesses saw this; we knew we had to share with our readers interested in all things canine. We reviewed her website, and learned more. Tamar's methods include playful instruction based on twenty plus years of experience and observation of wolf culture; and surprisingly - human learning during the toddler years. She's developed training programs that have proven successful for dogs of all breeds, sizes and personalities.

Having been featured on Ellen, Oprah (here's an informative video of Oprah and Tamar training Oprah's dogs NOT to jump!) and Animal Planet - she's now written a book, The Loved Dog, and has a world of resources, Q&A, helpful tips and articles on her foundation's website The Loved Dog.

We're going to watch some of her videos; learn some of her techniques - and we hope you do too. Here's one of her videos we found on YouTube to introduce you to her - and let her explain to you how she came to her training methods and love for dogs. Enjoy!

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