Molly and June


Certainly, buying a nice scarf or high-end apparel for your best friend or loved one isn’t out of the question ! I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw the precious reversible scarves for the furry-canine-types from Molly and June.

I mean, who would hesitate to put their TRUE best friend in this precious and colorful little accessory ? Or maybe you live in a rainy part of our beautiful planet - try one of their super-waterproof raincoats !

Back to the reversible scarves. These are designed to lay perfectly on the back of your pal’s neck , and are made of 100% cotton . Fully reversible in two colors, and you can choose from two different styles.

Isn't it truly amazing when your doggie can look as good as you ?

Molly and June provides a unique and affordable fashion statement especially if your fur-bound baby is a only child. Be it cashmere, faux fur, wool ... it's only the best for our little ones .... .

Molly and June was created by designer Simard and named after her two best friends, Molly and June. This doggie clothing line is top of the line , well made, functional and while fashionable too. They even have specialty clothing for the bigger doggies, so even my sweet Copper (A Pit Bull Mix ) isn't left out.

This high-end canine clothing line is available at more than one dog apparel boutique, or or you can see the latest news and offerings from the designer directly a Molly & June online. These are handmade in Canada , so you know it's something to bark about!

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