Working Hollywood Dogs - Where Are They Now? (And What Are They Wearing?)


We all know People Magazine has great celebrity style know-how. In it's most recent issue - they offered a pet-enthusiast style feature - and just had to share and comment. This article and photo feature showcases some celebrity pups (and more!) in their drop-dead gorgeous accessories and apparel - trust us, this is top of the line stuff here.

In the latest issue of People, they featured a “Where are they now?” article on popular animal actors throughout the years. What a great idea! Inquiring minds DID want to know. You can even see them in 3-D!

Of the doggie celebs - of course, Bruiser is my FAVORITE! I know that we all have our favorite animals in movies, (men won't admint it, but they do too because I know that my husband still mourns Butkus from Rocky) and we wonder where they are now?

Among the famous actors was the Taco Bell Chihuahua (Gidget), who can be found lounging in the California sun. She pretty much sleeps all day now. Wouldn't you? Acting is no easy job - even for the two-leggers! Leading the pack in a group of 22 was Clyde (his real name) from Marley and Me. (No offense, Clyde - your performance was tremendous, but I still have a tough tear-ridden time with that movie)

On a full page spread is Eddie, the Jack Russell terrier from the popular sitcom Frasier, sporting an outfit by Hip Doggie!

Hip Doggie is a dog outfitter company that creates clothes for dogs so that they can model after their stylish owners! I have heard of dressing like your children, but going out of your way to be twinkies with your dog, too - it doesn't get better than that!

You can check out these designs for your twinkie-to-be by visiting another fabulous online pet boutique - Posh Puppy Boutique to get some duds for your doggie.

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