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A quick and cheap gift, just may be your DOG!

We all know that there are people out there that are not honest and trustworthy and might just be panicked and need a quick gift for the season.. so you assume they will run out to the store.. right? WRONG.. your dog might be their gift to someone else.

Dognapping is on the rise according to the American Kennel Club especially in these hard economical times. Pet thefthas risen 30% in the past...

Good for you San Francisco! What a great place for pets!

The Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center is the new home of The San Francisco/SPCA’s veterinary services! This is the new full service non profit Veterinary Hospital and Spay/Neuter Clinic, and Shelter Medicine Program and Feral Fix Program.

We all know that the San Francisco SPCAhas provided wonderful care to owners of pets who sometimes couldn’t afford veterinary services and those that need...
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What a Gala Event!

Why not roll back to the 60’s and celebrate Dogs and Cats everywhere! The Sacramento SPCA will host the 23rd Reigning Cats and Dogs Gala will be Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 6:30pm – 10:00 pm at the Sacramento Convention Center.

This great event will be a great time with delicious food from over 30 restaurants, wineries and breweries like Carvalho Wines at Old Sugar Mill, Ehrhardt Estates...