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A quick and cheap gift, just may be your DOG!

We all know that there are people out there that are not honest and trustworthy and might just be panicked and need a quick gift for the season.. so you assume they will run out to the store.. right? WRONG.. your dog might be their gift to someone else.

Dognapping is on the rise according to the American Kennel Club especially in these hard economical times. Pet thefthas risen 30% in the past...

We are just a click away from saving a dog!

With all of using Facebook and Twitter these days, it is important we get the word out about organizations and or companies that are important.

Obviously with 19,000 plus fans on Facebook it is apparent that Dogtime has done a great job at getting the word out about Save a Dog. Dogtime's mission is to keep dogs out of shelters and in good homes by having resources available for pet owners and...

Throw a Party with Pet Party Printz!

New, at Posh Puppy Boutique Pet Party Printz!!!

Pet Party Printz is a fun new pet gift wrap that is one-of-a-kind! This wrapping paper is pet friendly and allows your pet to receive a wrapped gift and enjoy the excitement of opening it without worries!

Also, introducing the Rip’n’Stickedge technology - it makes a safer product for pets, and a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to...

Keep the turkey away from your little turkey!

Oh... the smell of the turkey, pumpkin pie and that stuffing, all waiting for your consumption on Thanksgiving day... absolutely mouth watering... for us and for your furry little follower!

This Thanksgiving, keep it drama free and make sure you take precautions to keep all safe, including your little "turkey". The day sometimes gets so busy and we are exhausted when it is all over we can make...