Keep the turkey away from your little turkey!


Oh... the smell of the turkey, pumpkin pie and that stuffing, all waiting for your consumption on Thanksgiving day... absolutely mouth watering... for us and for your furry little follower!

This Thanksgiving, keep it drama free and make sure you take precautions to keep all safe, including your little "turkey". The day sometimes gets so busy and we are exhausted when it is all over we can make small little mistakes that could be deadly to our pets. Be smart this year and follow some basic steps to ensure safety!

Safety tips at Thanksgiving:
  • Don't feed your pet leftovers or give them little "samples" of what your whipping up. Dogs can get sick on high fat foods, and can develop Pancreatitis. This isn't a easy thing for your dog to get over.
  • Watch the bones! I know we all think it is ok to give your dog the bones to chew on, but the truth is, they can break and splinter causing major internal damage to your pet.
  • No chocolate! Chocolate contains Xanthine, a compound called theobromine. Chocolate can be fatal to your dog, so watch the pies and candy bowls!
  • Bloating, not a fun thing to feel... Just like humans, dogs can get bloated, but the difference is, Bloat is a deadly condition that gives you a very limited amount of time to respond. Don't feed your dog when he is excited or there are alot of people still around, they tend to "gulp" down their food causing major stomach problems and there is no Alka Seltzer for them.

All in all, be smart on Thanksgiving and keep your pets save and just be thankful we have them around.

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