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Sun Protection for your best friend’s head during this summer!

Just in time for fall to keep your best friend’s head, cool since summer is here! No need to worry though, there are lots of Dog Hats available for Dogs. These dog hats keep your dog cool both inside and outside the house.

We know that dogs have fur and it will protect them from cold weather. Yes, they do but what for the summers. When weather gets extreme then they too need protection. A dog hati...

Keep Your Dog's Feet Looking Great in Fashionable Footwear

Nothing screams style and fashion like a good pair of shoes. Consider treating your favorite four-legged friend, showing her or his good taste—and yours—with a set of dog shoes or sandals from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
From formal to stylish casual to athletic, the Posh Puppy has shoes designed to showcase and protect your dog’s feet.
Jet back to the 50’s with these saddle shoes ($50) in pink or red....

Harnesses Reduce Stress on Your Dog's Neck

Dog collars, while functional, do not give owners the same degree of control over their pets as an alternative: harnesses.

Accidental strong shocks transmitted to your dog’s through their collar can choke or hurt them, such as if you fell and pulled their leash. This is not an issue with harnesses.

Collars transmit human commands, such as jerks, to your dog’s neck where the leash and collar...