Harnesses Reduce Stress on Your Dog's Neck


Dog collars, while functional, do not give owners the same degree of control over their pets as an alternative: harnesses.

Accidental strong shocks transmitted to your dog’s through their collar can choke or hurt them, such as if you fell and pulled their leash. This is not an issue with harnesses.

Collars transmit human commands, such as jerks, to your dog’s neck where the leash and collar connect. While not perfect for controlling your dog, collars are excellent in terms of picking your posh pooch out of a pack. Good collars combine good taste with tags providing your pet’s identification and rabies vaccination. The best ones are not only stylish, but provide or reflect light, making your canine companion visible at night.

Harnesses, though, shift the leash connection point from the neck to the shoulders or center of the back, depending on the design. These devices also wrap around your dog’s chest and their belly, securing them. This design means forces that a collar transmits to your dog’s neck instead are distributed over most of their body. One example is the Ultra USA “Choke Free Harness.”

A harness’s design reduces the impact of yanks, jerks and sudden movement on your dog’s delicate neck bones. By shifting the connection point for your leash, you not only protect your pet, but gain more control over their movement. A short tug on a harness often gets dogs to stop in their tracks some trainers say.

Harnesses come in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. This variety makes them perfect for the fashion-conscious pet owner. Your pet looks like your perfect companion, dressed to the nines, while also being safe and secure. One example is this pink and lime bow model.

The Posh Puppy Boutique carries harnesses designed as dresses, vests and T-shirts, in leather and from designer Susan Lanci. Step-in models, which are easy to attach, are also available.

The Posh Puppy Boutique carries stylish harness dresses for fashion-conscious female dogs. Girls can’t have all the fun, especially when there are many handsome designs for boys.

When safety, comfort and style are your top pet concerns, consider starting with a collar then complementing it with a stylish harness.

Visit the Posh Puppy Boutique on-line or call 888-837-5230 with any questions.

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