Protect Your Pooch With Style, Substance


Protecting your precious pup is a serious matter at the Posh Puppy Boutique. To that end, we carry several important products that combine safety, an important function and style.

For example, let’s say your four-legged family member needs some medical work done. Letting them lick sutures is a great way to cause more problems. Instead of attaching a plain, boring white surgical collar, consider dressing your pet in one with pink dots and stripes.

Some dogs, just like humans, need to take their vitamins and medicine. Keep your dog’s pills organized with our distinctive bone pill dispenser. It has individual containers for seven days’ supply of pills and capsules.

Traveling with your pet can sometimes become a lesson in bureaucratic delays. Keep your dog’s—or cat’s—medical records neatly organized with our Dog Health Passport. All of your pet’s immunization records are readily available, speeding you on your way through airport screening lines and at some boarding facilities.

Make sure you and your pet are never separated for long: equip them with a highly distinctive tag, like this Lucky Me tag in pewter with its scrollwork and shamrock. Larger dogs might prefer instead this red and gold fire hydrant version, with a three-dimensional front. Both have room on the back for engraving your dog’s name and two phone numbers.

Walking your dog at night can be dangerous for both you and your pet. Increase your dog’s night-time visibility with one of our blinking LED safety clips, visible up to a half-mile away. Available in several colors, they warn motorists, pedestrians and cyclists that a precious four-legged someone is nearby.

While dogs instinctively love to swim, many are unable to escape swimming pools. Protect your dog or cat with the two-piece Safety Turtle system. The water safety sensor signals a base station the minute it is submerged. The base station sounds a loud alarm, letting you know your pet is in the pool and needs rescuing, now.

Available in several colors, and designed for any size dog or cat, the Safety Turtle system comes color coded. Every sensor of the same color shares a base station, allowing you to protect all of your pets.

For these and other safety ideas, visit the Posh Puppy Boutique on-line or call or 888-837-5230.

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