Treat Your Dog Like Royalty


Celebrate the wedding of England’s Prince William to Kate Middleton by treating your pets like royalty with clothing and accessories from the Posh Puppy Boutique.

Be daring and elegant by taking your favorite girl pooch to the spring ball wearing this ball gown-like limited edition Lady in Red Silk and Satin Rosette dog dress. Each rosette in the many layers is sewn by hand while the dress is embellished with red Swarovski crystals, all of it hand-made with precision.

A perfect accent is the royalty red Swarovski and pearl necklace that slips easily over your dog’s neck. With the splendor of this necklace and the safety of her royal dress, which is also a harness, who needs a collar?

If casual is more your favorite four-legged princess’s style, dress her in this pink Royalty Dog Hoodie with crown. It is also available for princes in blue and in sizes from extra-small to large.

On warmer days, you can easily and safely walk your dog in this simple, yet elegant, Tail Bow Heart harness in royal blue. Complete with a Swarovski crystal heart on a blue bow, the harness features a step-in design and quick-release buckle. The design means your dog will feel your leash commands on their shoulders, not their delicate neck.

You can even take your smaller princess pooches on shopping trip, carrying them in comfort and royal style with this Royal Sweet Treat Snuggle Sack. Designed to be worn across the chest, it keeps your hands free while her highness is right where she wants to be: next to your heart.

When she needs a little pick-me-up, show her you care by giving her a heart-shaped treat. Made with wheat-free peanut butter and honey topped with royal icing, the treats are free of trans-fats.

When your shopping day is over, let your prince or princess dream of romping in royal fields while sleeping on a bed fit for a king or queen: The Constantine Throne Bed with gold accented dupiono silk.

For these and 10,000 other pet products, visit Google’s #1-rated dog boutique, the Posh Puppy Boutique. Visit us or call 888-837-5230.

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