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Tips & Suggestions for Uses of Dog Collars

Dog Collars, a most important thing you need when you have a dog at home. It helps you to keep your dog under control. A collar might also be used for identification, fashion, or to satisfy other purposes. Dog Collars are often used in combination with a leash, and a common alternative to a dog collar is a dog harness. Dog collars are the most common form of directing and teaching dogs.

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Harnesses Reduce Stress on Your Dog's Neck

Dog collars, while functional, do not give owners the same degree of control over their pets as an alternative: harnesses.

Accidental strong shocks transmitted to your dog’s through their collar can choke or hurt them, such as if you fell and pulled their leash. This is not an issue with harnesses.

Collars transmit human commands, such as jerks, to your dog’s neck where the leash and collar...