Keep Your Dog's Feet Looking Great in Fashionable Footwear


Nothing screams style and fashion like a good pair of shoes. Consider treating your favorite four-legged friend, showing her or his good taste—and yours—with a set of dog shoes or sandals from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
From formal to stylish casual to athletic, the Posh Puppy has shoes designed to showcase and protect your dog’s feet.
Jet back to the 50’s with these saddle shoes ($50) in pink or red. Designed for girl puppies, they have non-slip soft soles and front laces. Available in four sizes depending on your dog’s paws, they provide comfort, traction and style, especially at training classes.
Toto may not be in Kansas anymore but your dog can emulate Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” when she goes out in these Red Glitter Shoes($50) complete with red bows. Complete with adjustable ankle straps and soft, flexible stockings, they not only protect your pup’s feet from heat and cold, they look great, too.
When heading out shopping, consider bringing your favorite doggie friend along. Dress her in these pink camouflage sneakers ($55-$59) with light rose crystals and her hipness will be apparent to everyone who sees her. Swarovski crystals on the front pair will give her that sassy and classy look. They are also available in navy and red.
Outdoor-minded dogs might like the patented soles and angles in our EPIKS ™ dog shoes ($68-$72). Unlike other dog shoes, the EPIKS—available in black, blue, brown, pink and red—have different pairs for your dog’s front and back feet. Each pair rolls their paws, resulting in a more comfortable stride.
In addition to dog shoes, the Posh Puppy Boutique also carries sandals designed just for dogs.
We have got a special sale going on right now: our Pink Mesh Dog Sandals, normally $27, are on sale for $13. They have adjustable Velcro ankle straps and breathable mesh for added comfort and style.
Let your dog’s feminine side stand out from the crowd by dressing her in these pink sandals ($55) that come in four sizes (also available inchocolate brown). They let your dog’s feet breathe while protecting them from hot surfaces, such as sand and concrete, stickers and other nasties lying on the ground.
Go green with these stylish and practical Meadow Green Air Doggy Sandals ($48-$50) with hard rubber soles to save their pads from hot sand and concrete while side cutouts keep their paws cool and comfortable. These sandals are also available in pink, red and spice.
For these and other treats for your dog’s feet, visit the Posh Puppy Boutique or call 888-837-5230.

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