We all have our Wish List


As animal lovers, we know that we need to be doing more for animals and for pet organizations everywhere. It is hard sometimes to balance the needs of so many and still be able to focus on what we need and have to do in our own world. Pet adoption is so crucial to the animal world and many of us are fortunate enough to own our pets and maybe are not looking for a new one at this time, BUT… there are so many needs that we can accomplish.

There are Pet Shelter WISH LISTS out there for your local shelter and most items are inexpensive things that we can pick up at our local store to help out. Many agencies have items broken down into categories to assist in any donation amount. You could give money or items for the office or the pets themselves. Any item is appreciated, I promise.

Search for your local animal shelter and see what they need or want and make that step to be a giver. Items can be:

You could go ahead and Give BIG and help by donating: dog collars, dog bowls, dog crates or pet taxis.
Whatever your donation; pet items, money or just time go ahead and make the commitment today. You won’t regret it and neither will the animals you help.

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