Out with old.... in with the new!!!!

As the long winter tries to dwindle away, it is time to pack up those doggie turtle necks and boots and unpack the bright colors and nifty little cotton shirts for your dog! Yes…it is that time of year again; time to go shopping for new spring clothes not just for you but for your Pooch too!

Since the weather is BEAUTIFUL it is time to get our dogs out of the house and take them to their favorite hang outs. Going to meet up with their old friends is like going to a high school reunion… they have to be dressed to impress and look their best! So what a better way to look their best than in new spring dog outfit that is sure to make every dog they pass drool.

Your little angel will look FABULOUS in the new spring plaid dog dresses. These are perfect outfits for her to wear out on a beautiful spring day. The dresses come in Blue/green, Pink/Lavender, and Pink/Green.

Sometimes when going out to the park they can get a little dirty, so a cute dress might not be the right option, so why not try one of our new “dog sliders.” They are the perfect piece of jewelry and come in a variety of designs to match the perfect dog outfit or just to wear. If you are planning on a formal occasion such as taking her picture in the bluebonnets or any other beautiful flowers, the Hand Painted Tulips formal doggie dress with puffed sleeves ~ it would be the perfect outfit.

So often we are so worried about putting the little girls in cute puffy doggie dresses, big dog bows, and cute dog shoes, that we forget that our little fellers want to look like a stud too. Their main mission is to impress all the girls, so what a better way to do that than wearing out one of our Springtime Neck Ties. They are a complete collar set with three interchangeable printed neck ties. These are perfect for the little guy who doesn’t want to wear anything fancy, but still look handsome.

While you in the midst of packing up your doggie winter clothes for the year and getting ready to buy new spring ones, don’t forget about your little loved ones, they are ready to show off their legs too!

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