Posh Puppy Boutique Offering Bone Appetit High Seat Chair With Bowls and Steps

It is always a troublesome job for dog lovers to feed their doggies with them. Canine babies often end up spilling their food. To reduce the worries of dog lovers, Bone Appetit designed high seat chair with bowls and steps. They are available at Posh Puppy’s designer dog boutique.

Posh Puppy Boutique has always kept its focus on serving luxury as well as essential needs of doggies and dog owners. By offering high seat chair with bowls and steps from Bone Appetit for modern doggies they are making it easier for dog owners to feed their canine friends with them.

By purchasing this useful piece of furniture for their doggies, dog owners can make it a wonderful, charming, and unique experience to their doggies as well as family members. The back of this high seat chair opens like a door. It has little steps up the rear of the chair, so that smaller doggy can sit there himself. Made of solid wood and hand painted design makes it a beautiful accessory. The standard seat is ideal for doggies weighing up to 30 pounds. For larger dogs, custom chairs can be made on orders.

For additional details about this seat and its virtual look people can log on to Posh Puppy’s online store at http://www.poshpuppyboutique.com/Bone_Appetit_Seat_p/bon-9000.htm or email Posh Puppy Boutique at sales@poshpuppyboutique.com.

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