Pamper Your Pup!

Are you planning to get a new pup? Yet you are afraid and worried that along with the new life you will not get the required dog maintenance stuff that go with it? Or that your nearest pet store does not provide for all the required supplies? Fear not. With the boom in dog designing you need not go out to a pet store anymore.  It is all possible now with a simple click of your mouse. Online dog boutiques are the current buzz word in the world of dog care! And leading in online dog boutiques are the Posh Puppy Boutique And with brands like Chrome Bones and Ed Hardy Pet registered with them, you can be assured of the quality.

So what do you need? The most important thing would be a dog harness or collar. Collars are the traditional choice here. And you will get beautifully designed collars and some even with precious stones settings if your budget permits you to have one of those.


A dog harness is a variation of a collar which does not put pressure typically on the dog’s neck .In fact you get very trendy and vibrant harnesses designed like a dress if you want your dog to go all frilly.

The next requirement will be a dog carrier preferably a leather dog carrier (as these are hardy). A dog carrier is typically a kind of handbag which is designed to carry your dog around. They came in various colors and trendy designs. The various designer Houses make them which obviously means that there can be no compromise in the design. However, if you are not comfortable with a leather dog carrier you could always opt for something made of a different material.

Next in line you would need stuff for the safety of your dog, like a dog life jacket or pool steps! Yes there is a dog life jacket available in stores to ensure that your dog gets adequate safety. And you need to ensure your dog has the right furniture and toys. Organic food toys are gaining in popularity and are 100% safe for the dogs.

If you are into the phenomenon of dog costume you get a plethora of choices here too. There are plain clothes like t-shirts and track suits while there are frilly frocks available for the dog if you want them dressed up like that. Dog costume includes dog bandana, or dog jackets. You also have the choice to dress them up like a French maid or a sailor dog.

So you see whatever you need you can get it from the corner of your room. Do not hesitate therefore to get a faithful friend.

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