Our Shoes, Hats Protect Your Dog’s Feet and Eyes

These red boots are disposable and reusable.
Would you voluntarily walk barefoot on scorching hot asphalt, concrete or sand? What about squinting in the bright sun, especially when you can wear a hat? Your pet’s feet and eyes are just as sensitive as yours so protect them with fashionable products from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Keep your pet’s feet from getting scorched by outfitting them in a set of Running High Shoes in red or black ($50 for a set of four). Available in several sizes depending on the measurement of your dog’s feet, they are lightweight, attach with Velcro ® straps and have zipper closures. They are also softy and breathable.
If walking is more your pet’s style than running, consider these walking shoes ($35 for a set of four) similar to the running models above. They come in blueredpink and yellow for a fashionable and functional complement to your dog’s outfit.
Another option, which is made with 100 percent natural rubber, is these Disposal and Reusable Dog Boots ($19 for a pack of 12). These waterproof boots provide a thin layer of protection—like a sock for a human—giving your pet the feeling of securely gripping the ground.
These sporty sneakers come in several bright colors while protecting your dog's feet.
Our Sporty Sneakers ($40 for a set of four) come in bright Poppy PinkAqua Blue and Summer Red. They have a mesh upper and thick rubber soles plus laces. These shoes are designed for three season walking over mud, hot pavement and rough asphalt.
If sandals are more your style, the Posh Puppy Boutique sells those, too! Check out these Chocolate brown versions ($55 for a set of four). They allow feet to breathe while protecting your pet’s feed from all sorts of nasty stuff. They also come in pink.
Protecting your pet’s feet is one thing, protecting their eyes is another. Shade their delicate eyes with a stylish hat designed just for dogs.

Sun protection: minimal. Style with this Noble  Queen Hat: maximum.
This Noble Queen Hair Pin Hat ($40) offers a minimal amount of sun protection and a maximum amount of style. It has a pointed feather and pom-pom. It comes in white and pink.
Our Sun Protective Dog Visor Hats ($18) come in a wide range of colors and patterns while protecting your dog’s eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. Made with a combination of nylon and lycra, they have an adjustable Velcro closure to keep them snug. Best of all, their UPF 50+ rating blocks more than 97 percent of the sun’s rays. Among the fanciful and colorful colors are Tiki Cobalt and Tuga Pink.
Find these and 15,000 other fashionable pet items at your one stop shop, the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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