Ensure Your Dog Is Not A Statistic

This dog and owner were lucky: they were reunited. Many are not.
Spring and Summer are the perfect times to walking and running with your dog. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when many dogs go missing. They slip out of their collars, off their leashes or escape from their yards and like a flash, off they go.
Everyone at the Posh Puppy Boutique is an animal lover. Many of us own rescued pets, pets that were lost, abandoned or the result of a needless litter. You can ensure your pet does not end up on a “Wanted: Lost Dog” poster by following these simple steps.
First, consider micro-chipping your dog or cat. The surgical procedure involves having a veterinarian inject the chip, about the size of a grain of rice. Veterinarians, animal service departments and other animal welfare groups routinely scan new arrivals for the presence of these chips.
Microchips typically cost $30-$50 for the device plus an additional fee to register your pet with a national database. This link explains the basic process. If anything changes—you move, switch vets, etc.—be sure to update the database. One of my rescued cats was microchipped but her former owners never updated the information.
Second, license your pet, especially dogs. The dog tags contain a number. That number corresponds to contact information for you. If your missing pet is turned over to Animal Control, they can check the database and contact you. Again, be sure your information is current.
Third, make sure your pet has a good collar. That is where the Posh Puppy can help. Your dog’s collar should be tight enough where it can’t come off but not so tight it chokes them. The rule of thumb, according to the Humane Society of the United States, is you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.
This harness is on sale for only $13.
Here at the Posh Puppy, we sell collars in every style and size imaginable. From the basic Martingale—like this red version for $15, that includes a limited amount of choking for added control—to the sports-themed collars like this SF Giants Reflective model($28)—and on to the exotic jewelry versions such as this Adjustable Nicole Dog Collar in silver or gold ($50).
Another suggestion is use a harness when taking your dog out, even on short walks or runs. While your pet’s collar can hold valuable contact information, a harness can keep them from getting away.
We sell a wide variety of harnesses both plain and fancy. Basic harnesses can be fashionable and inexpensive, such as this Picnic Harness in Pink (regularly $25, on sale now for $13) or this SuperGo Basic Step-in Harness in pink or black ($20).
Designer Susan Lanci makes numerous fancy harnesses.
Fancy harnesses include this Special Occasion Step-in Harness ($92) from designer Susan Lanci. We also sell harness dresses, which combine the control of a harness with fashion and style like this hand-made Couture Party Dress in Orange and Pink ($480). We have literally hundreds of harnesses to pick from.
Combine the benefits of a harness with the style of a hand-made dress.
While no one step can ensure your pet will never wander away, using all of these methods can help get your precious pet back to you.
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