Eco Friendly Canine Couture


Heard of the neatest thing the other day, a great new eco-friendly apparel company designed and donated a t-shirt for the Four Legged Fashion show. I checked it out online and had no idea that such fashion show even took place. I wish I could have attended, what a great event! Debbie of Seedsucker contributed the human and doggie shirt (shown), how cute! Seedsucker also operaties a really neat environmental fundraiser for schools and organizations. I am sick of selling candles and junk wrapping paper so I am all for this!

Four Legged Fashion Show “Where Canine meets Couture” was a fashion show presented by the Fashion Group Interenational Dallas. There were auctions and a new one of a kind revelaing of new fashion designers, all of this to help small animal rescue organizations. Will keep up with this event and attend next year for sure!

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