Don’t TOY around with your pet’s toys!


Sure! Toys are great for your dog! We all want to grab those “precious little squeaker” toys when we are at the grocery store, but there is more to buying a pet toy than just thinking it is cute.

How to choose a safe pet toy:
  • Limit the toys to ones that are specifically designed for dogs
  • Make sure there are not small pieces on the toy that your dog can swallow or choke on.
  • Be careful of toys with the “squeakers” as they can ingest quickly once they have gotten it out of the toy. Make sure that the toys is a "pet toy" if you want a "sqeaker", as not all "sqeaker's" are bad.
  • Be careful of giving your dog one of the kid’s stuffed animals. It may cause confusion and you don’t know what kind of fiber it is made of.
  • Choose a toy that fits your dog’s personality. If he is attached to your socks, chances are he will like a plush toy, if a “chewer”, a rubber toy may be best. If your dog is like mine and curious about everything, try and interactive toy.

What toys do for your dog:
  • Keeps your doggie busy and helps distract from bad behavior
  • Gives a outlet for energy build up
  • Allows you to play with your pet, and give a “reward” other than treats.

Great toys for your dogs:
  • Kongs: Kongs come in a large choice of sizes for dogs of all ages. They have Kongs for puppies and Kongs for senior dogs. This rubber toy has holes in both ends and can be stuffed with many yummy goodies, keeping your dog safely occupied!
  • Nina Ottosson Dog Dizzy: Fill the ball with treats or dry kibble and let the dog have fun by working the Dizzy to retrieve the reward. The Dizzy is bottom weighted in an off center location which makes the ball to roll and twist in different directions but it always stops in the upright position.
  • Personality Plush Toy:Personality Pull Plush Toy - Angel or Devil? Cats or Squirrels? Food hound or napper? Whatever your pups personality we have the perfect pull toy. Bright colors, a squeaky center, and thick rope pulls on either end ensure the perfect tug-of-war plush toy. Choose from three distinct personality types or collect them all. These toys are made of the best dog friendly materials.

    Whatever your choice of pet toys (and there are alot out there), make sure you pick a safe toy for your buddy!

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