Don't forget "the tail" when tailgating! Take him along in style~


With Saturday’s being such huge College Football days and everyone seems to be a fan of some team, it would be great to dress up your “favorite fan” in great pet team apparel. If you are a Auburn Tiger or Georgia Bulldog fan, today is the day to get a NCAA Auburn Dog Tee Shirt or a Georgia Personalize Dog Jersey. If you’re a Texas Longhorn fan, hurry to get a NCAA Texas Longhorns Dog Jersey!
If you yell “ROLL TIDE ROLL” its time for the Alabama Dog Sweater! Gator fans (cannot leave those Florida fans out) ~ you need the Florida Dog Sweater.

Whatever your “favorite college football team” is, you can get your dog matching attire and tailgate with him in style! Posh Puppy Boutique has a great variety of sports apparel for your dog, whether it be college football, pro football, basketball or baseball! You can find college football sweaters,  team bowls, collars and even cheer outfits for your pet and all for great prices!

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