Choosing Designer Dog Bowls By Keeping Important Factors In Mind


You might own a dog whose nose is a bit short and somebody else might own a dog whose ear is a bit long. When purchasing dog bowls, you might buy by depending on factors such as good taste, durability & price. But this is not the correct way of buying. This is because dog bowls come in varied designs and each one is meant to meet the requisite of different kind of dogs. The correct dog bowl is a product that helps your dog to enhance posture, get less stressed on the joints and eat at a slow pace. The current market can offer you a plethora of varied products from reputed brands. Purchase one for the utmost comfort of your dog.

Pampering at its best

We know how important the appropriate dog bowl can be for your dog. But this is the functional side of these products that we are looking at. If you wish to pamper your dog by bringing him super stylish and good looking products, then you must go for designer dog bowls. These products are extremely sturdy, made from high quality and safe materials, cost-effective & a lot more. The joy you will feel in feeding your puppy or adult fur baby in these bowls will be immeasurable. Few products are listed below so that you can narrow down your choices: 
  • Orange melamine couture sculpture double dog bowl
  • Slow feeder – large drop – teal
  • Buckle-down wonder woman pet bowl
  • Brake fast dog food slow feed bowl – large in black
  • Fung shui plastic pet fountain
  • Eyenimal electronic pet feeder
  • 5 meal automatic pet feeder
  • Chopper’s hot paws bowl
  • Moderno adjustable feeder graphite
  • Cedar elevated log diner
  • Southern maple single diner
  • Tiny oval double diners
  • Mash n stash collapsible dog bowl
  • Poochables to go portable food and water dispenser
  • Adjustable pet feeder

How to choose the correct dog bowl?

Doing little homework before buying The Posh Puppy Boutique designer dog bowls is important. This is because when it comes to mealtime, dogs remain super excited & often gulp down all the food really fast that can lead to gas, indigestion, etc. Find out the bowl that is perfect for your fury friend:
  • Shallow bowls are for bulldogs and pugs that have short noses. By this pets can easily reach to the food without any strain.
  • Elevated bowls are for big dogs or dogs who are recovering from arthritis or surgery. Due to the elevated height dogs won’t require to stoop & strain for reaching to the food.
  • Slow bowls are for dogs that eat too fast. Slow feeders will prevent your dog from facing gastrointestinal problems.
  • Deep bowls are for dogs like collies & dachshunds that have long noses. The steep nature of these bowls will offer dogs additional nose room that will make them feel more comfortable while they eat.

Wait no more & buy a dog bowl that is perfect for your dog today.

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