Choosing The Right Dog Carrier For Your Pooch


Are you looking for a safer way of taking your dog to the vet or do you often travel with your dog on thrilling adventures? Whichever reason you might need it for, buying a dog carrier can bring in lots of advantages. You can get a look at the variety of carriers found these days online. The online merchants are nowadays gaining a lot of attention and popularity with their wide range of dog products. But there are so many kinds of carriers accessible in the current times that you might get overwhelmed while trying to buy the correct one. So let us explore the correct way of determining the kind of carrier you dog actually needs.

Picking appropriate products for your dog

It will be a lot easier for you to pick the dog carrier once you go through this guide:

·         Taking measurement – First weighing and measuring your dog is important. Start from the tip of the nose till the base of the tail & simply add three inches. After that measure your pet from the top of the head to the dog’s ground & again add three inches. When it comes to soft & hard dog carriers, the product that you choose must have good amount of space so that your dog can stand up & turn around easily. On the other hand for wearable carriers such as a sling or dog backpack carrier, a dog will not require so much extra room for moving around. Also every carrier specifies a particular weight and this has to be kept in mind always while shopping online.

·         Picking a style

ü  Travel kennels or hard dog carriers offer complete protection for any dog. These carriers are perfect for extended travels.

ü  Supple dog carrier bags are best for small and medium sized dogs and also appropriate for pets that are travel friendly. Dogs that suffer from anxiety and nervousness will try to run away by digging and for them this type of carrier is not recommended.

ü  Wheeled carriers make travelling with dogs highly comfortable for dog owners as it poses no stress on their shoulders & back. You can pull the carrier from behind and such products will prevent pets from getting jostled around. For airplane travelling, these products are perfect but are never recommended for hiking.

List of products

Some amazing The Posh Puppy Boutique dog carrier products that you can choose to buy are:

·         Wooflink You’re my honey bag pack

·         Dogline pet carrier pack

·         RIO rolling dog carrier – orange zest

·         Rio bag on wheels – black woven

·         K9 sport sack air in jet black

·         Cloudy dog carrier in pink

·         Susan Lanci velvet cuddle carrier – classic pink

·         Reversible 3 in 1 snuggle bug bed carrier – fancy black

·         Edgar carrier in Denim

·         Vienna sling in Lemon

·         Kelle – Camo

·         Tough shell wheeled collapsible carrier

·         World traveler with wheels – black diamond

With all these amazing products out there, what are you waiting for? Simply buy one or more than one dog carrier for varied purposes today & ensure absolute comfort for your dog.

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