Bring Your Dressed Dog To Work This Friday


What is an easy way to boost morale, increase productivity, cut absenteeism and improve creativity? Bring your dog to work. National Bring Your Dog to Work Day is Friday, June 24 this year.

Check your company’s policy regarding pets in the workplace on this particular day, first. Also, be sure to check with your co-workers about any pet-related allergies. You don’t want to bring your favorite four-legged friend into the office only to find out dog dander makes your cubicle companion sick.

If your company prohibits pets in the workplace, do the next best thing: post a photo of your pet. You can also raise money to help homeless pets, which is why Pet Sitters International created the day, or donate your time and spare materials to a local animal shelter. Shelters and care groups are always in need of pet food, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies and other items.

Assuming you are allowed to bring your dog to work, dress them up in a fashionable outfit from the Posh Puppy Boutique.

We carry a wide range of: shirts, such as this Best Friend Dog T-Shirt ($28); bandanas, like this 100% American Pure Bred Bandana; dresses, like this Strawberry-licious Cupcake Ruffled Dog Dress ($32); collars, like this combination collar and black bow tie ($22) for that formal look; and literally thousands of other dog (and cat) related items.

Walk your dog into the office wearing a Stripey Heart Body Harness with matching leash ($36 for the combination), which is available in pink blue or brown.

For that true fashion experience, show off your dog’s style sense—and your own—by bringing your dog to work wearing a Purple Egyptian Dress (on sale for $40, normally $55) from Central Bark Couture, complete with a removable ribbon at the waist.

These and literally thousands of other items are available right now at the Posh Puppy Boutique. Visit us on-line or call 888-837-5230.

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