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Bring Your Dressed Dog To Work This Friday

What is an easy way to boost morale, increase productivity, cut absenteeism and improve creativity? Bring your dog to work. National Bring Your Dog to Work Day is Friday, June 24 this year.

Check your company’s policy regarding pets in the workplace on this particular day, first. Also, be sure to check with your co-workers about any pet-related allergies. You don’t want to bring your favorite...

Support the Planet With ‘Green’ Pet Products

Let your pet help you celebrate World Environment Day on Sunday, June 5 by wearing an environmentally-conscious outfit from the Posh Puppy Boutique.

Made from organic cotton, our Bark For Green tank shirt ($28) features a recycling logo modified to look slightly like a paw print. Profits from this shirt go to help environmental charities.

Dress your dog up for cool nights with one of our 100% Bamboo...