Take Your Pets For A Bike Ride

This Sporty Bike Basket lets you take your smaller dog along on a ride.

The combination of an active lifestyle and small pets means leaving your precious pals at home, at least for some dog and cat owners. Let’s face it, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Yorkies and other small breeds just are not built for runs and bike rides.

We have those needs taken care of here at the Posh Puppy Boutique. We sell an assortment of bike baskets and bike trailers designed just for dogs and puppies. These products are meant for pets and are not rated for human babies.

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Among our bicycling products made for active pet owners is this Sporty Bike Basket ($95). Made with microfiber, it comfortably holds pets weighing up to 14 pounds. It even has a waterproof cover to keep your little girl or boy dry in the rain. Two water bottle pockets can keep the peddler and passenger hydrated while an interior leash prevents them from jumping out. This basket comes in two colors: red/black/gray and orange/black/gray.
The Nantucket Bike Basket has a classic style.
Our Nantucket Bike Basket ($120) is made with rattan for a classic look and style. Leather straps hold a wire basket over the top, protecting pets up to 10 pounds safe and secure.
Pet Gear’s versatile 3-in-1 Bike Basket comes in a small size ($95) for pets weighing up to 12 pounds and a large size ($115) for those up to 16 pounds. This basket gives you the option of carrying it over your shoulder, securing it inside your car or attaching it to your bike. It has two pouches and zippered pockets, a fleece mat with internal tether and a sturdy nylon outer shell. In addition to being versatile, it comes in several colors: sageblackcopperocean bluelavenderpink and tan.
Small dogs may be able to ride in the front using one of these baskets, but the bigger boys and girls won’t fit. The solution is a trailer made just for your four-legged friend.
The Track'r HoundAbout bicycle Trailer comes in large (above) and medium sizes.
The Track’r HoundAbout Bicycle Trailer comes in medium ($266) and large ($315) sizes. The mediums hold dogs up to 50 pounds while the larges can take dogs weighing up to 110 pounds.
The trailers are 25 inches wide, have easy release chrome coated steel rims and hubs, and use a hitch that attaches to the rear axle of all bikes. These trailers have a zippered mesh front screen and zippered vinyl layer providing little or strong protection from the elements. A removable, washable cushion keeps pets comfortable on the road while a total of three pockets holds plenty of supplies. These trailers also fold down for easy storage.
The Mini Dog Bike Trailer can hold dogs weighing up to 55 pounds.
Another similar option is the Mini Dog Bike Trailer ($300), which comes in Rebel Red and Spring Green. Designed for dogs up to 55 pounds, it has a fabric and screen mesh to provide protection against rain and sunlight, leash hooks at each corner, a flag to let other riders—and motorists—know where you are, an anti-slip floor and a sun roof.
These are just a tiny sampling of the many bike accessories we sell here at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
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