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Breast Cancer awareness month

Breast Cancer awareness month

New Age Dog Fashion

There are some people who like to dress up their dogs while others don’t. If you fall in the first category, then you are searching for us. We are the one of the very best dog boutique shops in the world. We are the proud messengers of dog fashion. Our one stop dog boutiqueshouse everything starting from clothes to treats and if you want to give your pup a life changing experience then take...


Want to make your beloved pooch feel like a diva? If the answer is yes then all you need to do is stop by a dog boutique that will cater to all your doggy desires. Dog fashionhas caught on like a rage and now you pet can become other pet owner’s envy and your pride. The dog boutiques will provide you with a wide array of things like dog clothes both designer and high street, you will also get...

Dog clothes – reinvented!

A requirement that has been growing steadily over the years is that of a pet store which will cater to every conceivable need of your doggy. An outlet that will be able to deal with all such necessities is finally at your service. At our dog boutique, you can now find a huge variety of doggy apparel, accessory, furniture, diapers and smashing doggy treats. Our outlet is a perfect one stop place...