Want to make your beloved pooch feel like a diva? If the answer is yes then all you need to do is stop by a dog boutique that will cater to all your doggy desires. Dog fashion has caught on like a rage and now you pet can become other pet owner’s envy and your pride. The dog boutiques will provide you with a wide array of things like dog clothes both designer and high street, you will also get beds and blankets, harnesses, collars, baths and shoes.

If you want to dress up you pup for a special occasion you can try out the range of designer apparels available at the boutique. There is a wide array of luxury dog clothing. You can try the Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy clothes that are style statements in their own rights. You will also find beautiful dresses, skirts and tutus to adorn your doggy in.

When it is warm, you go for a bath in the nearby pool. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dog joins you there? To make this happen, we also sell doggy bathing suits. This will keep your dogs away from the heat.

If you want to take your pet out for a walk you can buy the tracksuits and the shorts. At home you can make your doggy wear the comfy pajama and robes. Wondering what will go with the outfit? You can take your pick from a variety of accessories like necklaces, cuffs, anklets and dog collar. You can find all these at a single place when you choose to buy from us. We also offer other types of accessories such as dog carriers. These carriers will help you to carry your dogs everywhere. They also look like a stylish bag so that it will give you a fashion identity.

A new trend in dog fashion is that of eco friendly fashion. You can buy your pet organic overalls and towels. You will get organic leashes and harness along with different organic toys. You can also get eco friendly and healthy food like natural organic dog bones, vegetarian fresh mint dog treats. There are also eco friendly, organic cotton barnyard toys available that is a very safe option for your pet.

Who said that fashion was only for humans? Come visit us and you will prove them  wrong.

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