New Age Dog Fashion

There are some people who like to dress up their dogs while others don’t. If you fall in the first category, then you are searching for us. We are the one of the very best dog boutique shops in the world. We are the proud messengers of dog fashion. Our one stop dog boutiques house everything starting from clothes to treats and if you want to give your pup a life changing experience then take him along and visit us.

The boutique will give you everything that you need, literally. One thing that often proves to be a headache for the dog owner is toilet training. In the boutiques you will get PetaPotty that will help you train your doggy and you will also wet toilet hydrant with it. Don’t worry if you have to take your pet out somewhere, you will also get diapers for the purpose.

Now coming to luxury dog clothing you can find dog clothes for all occasion. You will find tees and shorts for regular wear and skirts, dresses and tutus for parties and special occasions. To keep your doggy warm in the winters you can take a pick from the wide range of coats, jackets and sweaters. If you want to make your pet a designer dog then you can choose from the Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier collections. You can also buy jewelry and accessories to adorn your dog with. The heat in the pavement can burn your pet’s paw pads or your pet may hate getting its paws wet. To solve this problem you can get dog shoes. There are shoes for all seasons and range from sandals to boots.

Want to take your doggy for a holiday to the beaches but worried that your pup can’t swim? You will get life jackets so that you can dive into the cool waters without having to worry. You can also get sunglasses to protect the eyes of your pet from the sweltering sun of the beaches. Now you can also get doggy attires for different occasions. You can get your pup customized stockings and santa outfit. You can also get Christmas dog collars. Foe Easter you can get your pooch bunny hop, bunny collar and a floral dog collar.

If you want to give the luxuries of a spa to your pet then you can do that too. You can treat your doggy with aroma therapy and other similar botanical remedies. For this purpose you can buy your pet spa robes and towels.

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