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Top Designers Are Going to the Dogs

If the brands Juicy Couture, Oscar Newman, Poochie of Beverly Hills, Susan Lanci, Toni Mari, Lady B. Couture, Juny Bell, Disongbeni and Pinkaholic New York ring a bell, then you are familiar with some of the designers now making items for pets.

Yes, these designers have literally gone to the dogs—and in some cases, cats—in their pursuit of pawed perfection.

For example, where can you find this Juicy...

Your Dog Is Prettier Than A Rose

And she was fair as is the rose in May.”

—Geoffrey Chaucer

Your favorite four-legged friend’s beauty probably puts most roses to shame. Show the world just how pretty your pooch is by adorning her with a couture collar, such as one from Hartman & Rose.

The Posh Puppy Boutiqueis now proudly carrying dog collars and leads from this leading Canadian luxury fashion jewelry and leather designer. All...

Here’s To You, Mom

Show your mom, wife, sweetheart or significant other how much you love them by dressing her favorite pooch in a Mother’s Day outfit from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Start with a simple Mom Heart Tattoo pet tag or “My Mommy Loves Me” for your dog’s collar ($18), which has plenty of room on the back for your contact information.
Next, add one of our many T-shirts such as “I Love My Mommy” tank shirt in...

All about Dog Accessories

It is a well known fact that pets are pretty much the truest form of friend that you could get. It is even better known that of all the pets, dogs are the most loyal of the lot. They are the most caring and faithful friend. No matter what the circumstances are like you can be quite sure that a dog would never desert you. What can you really give a dog in return? That is why one of the best ways to...