Here’s To You, Mom


Show your mom, wife, sweetheart or significant other how much you love them by dressing her favorite pooch in a Mother’s Day outfit from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Start with a simple Mom Heart Tattoo pet tag or “My Mommy Loves Me” for your dog’s collar ($18), which has plenty of room on the back for your contact information.
Next, add one of our many T-shirts such as “I Love My Mommy” tank shirt in blue, perfect for your favorite boy dog ($25). “Mommy’s Lil Girl” tank or tee ($30) will bring a smile to her face.
For a touch more class, consider dressing your little girl dog in an exquisite dog shirt with a matching T-shirt for her human companion. Among your choices are: “Do You Speak French?” and “I Love Ballet” ($57 for each set of dog and human shirts).
If you want something even more stylish, consider getting your favorite lady’s dog a “I Love Mommy” (or “I Love Grandma” ) dog dress in hot pink, complete with green embroidered belt ($70).
The Posh Puppy Boutique also has the ultimate in high fashion dog clothing with the “Ginger-licious” ($350) and the “Cubby-licious” ($380) couture dog dresses.
After a long day of playing with their favorite female human, send your pet pal into dreamland wearing their “I Love Mom & I Love Daddy” pet pajamas ($40). Designed for dogs and cats, the PJs are made of flannel with contrasting bands of white knit and Velcro closures.
Another “nighty-night” outfit is our “Mommy’s Little Princess” hooded fleece pajama in pink ($45). The Posh Puppy also has five other similar pajamas in different colors with unique messages, all designed with one goal in mind: bringing a smile to your special someone’s face.
For a memory mom will always have, give her a pet drawing by artist Diane Vallejo, starting at $125.
For these and other ideas, visit the Posh Puppy Boutique or call 888-837-5230.

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