SPIT out that gum!

You wouldn’t think that chewing gum could hurt your dog, but this SPOOKY season, BEWARE cause it can! When your kids are unloading their Halloween treats make sure you keep your doggie away from the candy and especially the gum, especially the sugar free gum!

The Xylitol in sugarless gum can be toxic, and can cause liver failure in your dog. According to the Animal Poison Control Center, last year they managed over 170 sick pets after eating products containing Xylitol.

Items that contain Xylitol are:
  • sugarless chewing gum
  • sugarless candy
  • mouthwashes and other oral care products
  • oral pharmaceuticals, such as certain types of vitamin supplements
  • sweeteners packaged for use in the kitchen

Xylitol is a sugar-alcohol sweetener found in sugar-free human food products such as chewing gum, candy, baked goods as well as other products. Dogs that ingest certain items with Xylitol can develop a sudden drop in blood sugar, which can cause weakness, lethargy, loss of coordination, collapse and seizures. Not what any pet owner wants to go through.

If you find that your pet has eaten candy or gum and you are unsure what the active ingredients are, call your local Poison Control Center or vet immediately. Symptoms can occur in 15-30 minutes after ingesting the product.

Don't take this litely it CAN happen. According to Snopes this is a true and correct warning. For a list of other products that can hurt your pet check with your vet or search the internet.

So, keep purses, treat bags, and candy out of the reach of our furry little friends and it will keep you and your best friend out of the Animal ER!

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