It's not too late to dress him up!


If you are running behind and don’t have time to go out and buy your pet a Halloween costume, there are many things sitting around your house that you can figure out a SPOOKY get up for your pooch!

Here are a few ideas for a Homemade pet costume: (Remember you can use regular clothes, items and hair color to make your dog be just about anything)

  • Skunk – use white hair color spray down the back of your black pooch
  • Prisoner in Jail - Buy an orange sweater and put a number of the back
  • Zebra – use hair color as well to make stripes
  • Disco Dog – buy an afro at a Halloween store and stick on your dog with some beads

There are many things you can do with stuff around your house to make a homemade pet costume. Be creative and let the kid’s participate, but make sure whatever you put on your pet or decide to put him in, that it is a safe item for your pooch.You can purchase many grooming products to help the transition from cute to COOKY.

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