Heat up those Hot Dogs!


When I say Hot Dog, I don’t mean the food, I mean, its time now to get those little Dachshunds or any dog warm with the cold weather almost here. Depending on where you live, it may already be as cold as can be!

Just as we have Summer tips for our dogs, now we have winter tips for dogs.

• Shelter Outside: Please make sure your dog house fits your dog appropriately. Make sure your dog can stand up, turn around but not too big that he or she loses heat. Make sure bedding is clean and dry and that your shelter is off the ground for protection from the elements.
• Keep your pets away from water during the winter as the water begins to freeze
• Check dog paw pads for cuts and cracks from dry skin, check out these great winter boots!
• Check your dogs ears, tail and feet for frostbite! If your dog is a outside dog, make sure his skin does not become red or gray.
• Make sure you check food and water during the winter months. Make sure the water or food is not frozen.
• Provide warmth for short haired dogs, this wonderful dog sweater will keep your pooch warm on those night walks!

• Keep puppies and older dogs indoors and only outside for a short time as they are more fragile in the cold weather.
• Keep your identification tags updated!
• Please stay away from Antifreeze! Clean up spills as fast as you can! OR.. be on the safe side and find a pet friendly antifreeze, ones that contain propylene glycol.
• Keep up grooming in the winter, as skin can become dry and itchy, try Fur Butter by Happy Tails, its great! Regular brushing keeps your dog's coat supple and prepared for the cold. However, when you bathe your pet, be sure to dry his coat thoroughly before allowing him outside.

For more tips on keeping your pets safe, visit the ASPCA.

There are many great cold weather items that you can get for your dog now, so try them out!

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