Now Carrying Water Resistant Collars for Active Dogs

Bellomania Sport's line of active dog collars are back with wetsuit material.
Active dogs need collars that can keep up with them while still looking stylish and colorful.

The Posh Puppy Boutique has just the collars your pup needs: a line of waterproof collars from Bellomania Sport. The Sport line of collars are backed with quick-drying neoprene, which is the same material used in human wetsuits. Neoprene is soft, water resistant and warm. Featuring reflective stripes for added visibility, especially at night, these collars have double stitched seams so they will not fray and disintegrate like low quality products. They also feature a “D” ring on the buckle to reduce pressure on your dog’s neck. Sizes range from 2XS-XXL.

Active dog choices include the:

·         Sport Baptiste Collar ($20) in black. Matching leashes start at $40.

·         Sport Wanda Collar ($20). Matching leashes start at $40.

·         Sport Elektra Collar ($25) in pink. Matching leashes start at $40.

·         Sport Iven Man Collar ($25) in yellow with red flowers. Matching leashes start at $40.

Stylish dog options, which still retain the same neoprene backing but is not designed for swimmers, include the:

·         Orlando Ostrich Collar ($30) in black made with vegan leather. Matching leashes start at $50.

·         Shiloh Snake Collar ($30) in brown vegan leather with a snakeskin pattern. Matching leashes start at $50.

Mini Beads collars come in many colors and styles.
Stylish dogs also have some great looking new collar choices designed strictly for smaller breeds. The Mini Beads Collars are available in sizes from XXS-Medium only. Matching 4-foot leashes are also available.

These collars are made to be thinner, lighter and softer making them perfect for petite breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pugs, Pomeranians and others.

Color selections include:

·         Rhodonite and Red Adventurine Leather ($50). A 4-foot matching leash is available for $65.

·         Singing Pearls in green with a white dash pattern ($45)

·         Dazzling Turquoise stripes in gray with raised turquoise dashes ($45).

The Nautica 2 is one of more than 200 collar sliders to dress up any dog.
Jazz up any collar, new or old, with a colorful collar slider. Available in a host of colors and styles, they cover the gamut from the masculine Nautical 2 Bow Tie ($16) to the more feminine Pink Chevron ($10). With more than 200 sliders to pick from, there are bound to be several your dog will enjoy wearing.

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