How To Make A DIY Luxury Dog Bed


People who own a dog or any other pet for that matter have to incur large bills. As a pet owner, you have to pay for the services of your veterinarian. Then, you have to buy food and toys regularly. However, you’re one of those individuals who don’t shy away from DIY projects and you want to give the best of everything to your four-legged furry friend. That’s why this topic is going to appeal to you. Here you will learn how you can create a stylish and comfortable DIY bed for your dog without even spending half of the price of a premade bed.


How to begin


You can always buy a luxury dog bed from Posh Puppy Boutique but the experts of dog accessories and clothes who work with this company are also more than happy to share a few DIY dog bed building tips for the DIY project enthusiasts.

1. You need to start by selecting the base structure of the DIY dog bed.

2. You have to sure about the suitability of the bed that you will create by inspecting the smooth surfaces. You also need to keep an eye out for inappropriate materials that you have to remove.

3. Add as many cushions and blankets as you can.

4. Finally, you need to be ready to wash it regularly to prevent it from soiling and staining. You also need to wash it to get rid of that unmistakable dog odor.


While crafting the bed, you have to make sure that the fabrics you use are suitable for your pet. Any small items that act as the finishing details can end up being choking hazards.


Drawer bed


The easiest thing to do is to buy a luxury dog bed. However, you can also replicate it by following these suggestions.

1. First of all, you need to get an old suitcase that you don’t use anymore. Then, you have to get rid of the fiddly bits from it. Open it and make it comfortable by adding sheets.

2. If you have an old dog bed, then you have to add new upholstery to it. Try to use funky-looking new materials.

3. You can also use an old drawer as dog beds by adding lots of pillows in it. This particular idea is suitable for small doggies only.

Pallet bed

1. Look for an old shipping pallet and sand it down to make sure that there aren’t any splinters or sharp edges.

2. Now, you have to paint it. You can apply one color or more based on your preferences and like, but you must use a non-toxic paint product.

3. Now, you have to varnish it thoroughly to give it a smooth finish.

4. Place a cushion inside to make it comfortable and cover the base. Make sure that you choose an appropriately-sized cushion.

5. Finally, add your dog’s favorite blankets on the top of the cushion.


Bedside bed


You probably don’t want your doggie to stay too far from you. So, if you have a large bedside table with enough space beneath it, you may create a DIY bed that will be right beside your bed.

1. Select the area under your bedside table and remove the drawers. The aim is to create a nook that matches the size of your pet.

2. Check the surface carefully to see if it’s smooth or not.

3. Add a large cushion at the bottom.


With these simple DIY dog bed-making tips, you can feed your penchant for DIY projects and experimentation. You can also save a lot of money in the process.

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