Help a Misunderstood Breed: The Staffordshire Terrier

Sweet Pea is described as being a great family dog who loves kids, adults and complete strangers. She is house broken and crate trained.

The Posh Puppy Boutique is continuing its series of helping unwanted and abandoned pets find forever homes with loving human parents. Today’s post covers a breed often thought of as highly aggressive, just as the name suggests: put bulls.
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Most U.S. residents have never heard of American Staffordshire Terriers. However, these same people will often acknowledge knowing these same dogs by their street name of “pit bull.”
The term “pit bull” also refers to the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and any cross breedings between the three related breeds.

Pebbles is a “blue and white” mix who is good with most dogs, kids and adults. She is mellow, well-behaved and gentle with children.

American Staffordshire Terriers were first bred in the 19th Century in the English region of Staffordshire as a mix between English Bulldogs and the White English Terrier, Fox Terrier or Black and Tan Terrier.
Also known as Am Staffs, these dogs are described by the American Kennel Club as being a people-oriented dog who is loyal to its family and very protective of them. These dogs have the reputation for being dangerous and aggressive, mainly because they are often seen in dog fighting events.
Archie is available now through Smilin’ Pitbull Rescue in Stamford, Conn
The notoriety associated with pit bulls gives the breed a reputation based on myth and misinformation, not fact. Many pit bull owners will tell anyone willing to listen that their dogs are sweet, gentle, loving creatures. Their reputation, though, also gives predatory humans pause when seeing one with its owner or in a home.Their gentle true behavior combined with a ferocious reputation makes them nearly ideal family pets.
Pit bulls’ reputation also means that some cities prevent dog owners from having this breed within their municipal boundaries. Here’s another example of how the ban in Ontario, Canada affects one person … who happens to be a Major League Baseball player.
Aerosol and Krylon are a bonded pair of females who were rescued from a highly abusive environment. Both are dog friendly and very loving.

The end result is this: there are a lot of unwanted, unwelcome pit bulls in shelters across the land.
If you are thinking about adopting a dog, you can’t go wrong with any breed. Just be sure the pet is a good match for you, your family and your environment.
To learn more about Pit Bulls, and possibly adopt one, visit any or all of these sites:
  • Pit Bull Rescue Central has educational information and offers guidance to anyone considering adopting one of these dogs.
  • Rescue Me has a list of pit bull rescue sites organized by state.
  • Bad Rap provides information, training, owner support and rescue services nationwide. It was named as the #1 high-impact non-profit for Local Animal Welfare, Rights & Protection by Guidestar’s Philantropedia.
  • Bull911 has a listing of groups nationwide dealing exclusively with pit bulls.
  • Our Pack offers adoption, placement services and education, including same-sex pairings. It is based in South San Francisco.
  • Shortywood is the rescue site that formed the basis of the television show “Pit Boss.” The shows stars “little person” Shorty Rossi, his family and staff as they rescue and help find homes for a breed he considers to be “as misunderstood as he is.”
  • Out of the Pits showcases the true nature of pit bulls as a therapy, sport and working dog. It offers education, programs and adoptions.
  • Ring Dog Rescue is dedicated to “bull breeds” with bulldog lineage. It offers adoption and foster services plus a calendar of events in Virginia.
  • Small Time Dog Rescue & Dead Dog Walking Pit Bull Rescue is an Oregon-based group.
  • Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy is a Phoenix, Ariz.-based group dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and placing pit bulls and pit bull mixes.
  • Pit Sisters focuses its efforts on the northeast Florida area. It provides adoptions, events and resources for current and potential pit bull owners.
  • Bless the Bullys is a small Tennessee non-profit rescue that also fights breed-specific legislation.
  • Fugee’s Rescue is based in Raleigh, N.C. Its mission is to rescue, care for and rehome neglected, abused and homeless dogs, primarily pit bulls.
  • Smilin’ Pit Bull Rescue based in the Northeast dedicated to find homes for unwanted and abandoned pit bulls.
This list of pit bull rescue sites could go on and on and on, just as it could for any dog breed. Please consider adopting a rescue dog or cat. You deserve a new best friend and they deserve you.
This post is brought to you as a public service by the Posh Puppy Boutique and David Reynolds, pet lovers all. The Posh Puppy Boutique sells stylish clothing and accessories for all breeds of dogs and cats. It does not sell pets.

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