Have An Emergency Bag Ready Before Trouble Hits

Be ready to grab your pets and go when disaster strikes.
High temperatures and dry humidity means people living in the West need to always keep their eyes open for one of Nature’s fiercest beasts: fire. Fire isn’t as big an issue along the Gulf and East coasts as hurricanes (the Palm Beach Post has some ideas for hurricanes), but being ready to evacuate because of one means being ready to bail from anything.
Have your pets’ safety and security in mind by keeping an emergency bag ready at all times. You are going to be highly stressed and in a hurry, so plan ahead and have your bag ready to grab and go.
Consider these tips from your friends at the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Start with a recognizable bag: Our I Love Dogs Tote ($20) measures 14 by 17 inches; our Doggy Rainbow Shopping Tote ($22) measures 19 by 15.5 inches by 5.5 inches deep. We have many other choices as well.
In it, keep a copy of your pets’ shot records, photos and most importantly, your contact information. Computer flash drives are inexpensive. Low-end drives start at $5-$6 and can easily hold all of this information. Our Protect My Cat ($15) and Protect My Dog ($15) kits have “passports” to record this information, stickers for your home to alert emergency service providers pets may be inside plus wallet and key cards.
The Hydro-Go canteen holds 36 ounces of water.
Have a back-up collar and fixed-length leash. We sell hundreds, if not thousands, of collars and leashes in every size, style and color imaginable. Our I Left My Heart Collar ($35) has a matching leash for $50.
Make sure you have a back-up ID tag on the collar that has your current contact info. One example is our Pink Dachshund Tag ($30) that is big and flashy enough to be seen immediately while also having room for your dog’s name and your phone number.
Your emergency bag should also have a collapsible food dish and water dish. One option that gives you some freedom from worry for medium and large breeds is Drinkwell’s Hydro-Go canteen and fold-out funnel bowl ($30). It holds 36 ounces of water. OurFold It Water Bowls ($12 each) come in gray or pink and take up very little room. Our Collaps-a-Bowl ($14) bowls hold 24 ounces of food or water and are made with food-grade silicone.
The Pet First Aid Kit has all the essentials to treat your injured pet.
Be sure to include at least one 12-ounce bottle of water and a zip-lock bag with dry food for several days for each pet. Ideally, you want to have food and water for two weeks. Clip the Pet Poop Snoop Lighted Waste Bag Holder ($12) to your leash. It combines poop bags (sold separately) and a small flashlight.
Do not forget two other essential items: A blanket—let your dog use it at times so it has his or her scent on it—and a plush toy. The blanket can double as a bed while the toy will help them handle stress. Our Harmony Flannel Blanket ($20) measures 20 by 16 inches. Our Chill Pill Toys ($12) come in several sizes and colors.
Our Pet First Aid Kit ($45) has all the essentials to take care of your dog or cat should they be injured. A simple manual is included.
Have an extra supply of your pet’s medicines in here as well. Check with your vet about storage life and rotate the drugs as needed.
Be sure to add a 2 ounce spray bottle of Canine Calm Natural Remedy Mist ($15) to your bag. Its natural, non-toxic ingredients will help calm your dog during periods of high stress, such as an emergency evacuation.
For additional tips on emergency preparedness for your pets, visit this ASPCA link.
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