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Getting the proper type of dog clothes for your puppy has become very essential these days. The era has finally come that not only you want to look the best but also want your dog to look stylish and cool. If you are one of those who care about the fashion of your doggy then our boutique is the best place. One of the leading providers in designer dog clothing, you will find an irresistible variety at our boutique. As a fashion conscious person I am sure you do not wish your dog to look dull and drab. For that really unique look you can drop at our outlet and get the best that one can offer in dog fashion

Pet stores often offer simple and standard clothes for your doggies but for that special look you’ve simply got to visit our place. We provide an absolutely out of this world collection that will make your puppy look the cutest. We provide not only the best in quality but also a stunning variety to choose from. From the softest pink to the palest blue to the brightest red you name the color and we have it. Get a one that compliments your puppy the best. Our exclusive dog boutique caters to that special need that is unique to each and every individual puppy. We provide different types of luxury dog clothing by various well know designers. Christine Audigier, Chrome Bones and Ed Hardy dog clothing are few of the designer wear that we offer. Here at our specialized outlet we offer clothing for all types of occasion. Are you searching for that perfect birthday wear or a beautiful Christmas outfit? We can assure that the best deals can be found at our exclusive one stop Dog Boutique.

Here at our outlet you will find everything from the best in accessory like stylish beaded neck bands to really comfy leather dog carriers. These carriers have been designed keeping in mind the utmost comfort for your puppy. Now you can carry you doggy around the country easily and in the most stylish way. Your dog looks stylish and well tended for in that cute dog carrier.

So what are you waiting for? Come and let your puppy have the taste of luxury Dog Clothing.  Bring your puppy to our boutique and let him feel all the love that you feel for it.

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