Dog Life Jackets Calm Water Fears


Water, water everywhere … and your dog may be at risk. What is a pet owner to do?

Let some products at the Posh Puppy Boutique help ease your mind.

While dogs have an innate ability to swim—think dog paddle—that may not be enough to keep them safe, especially around water. Whether it’s flooding rivers, heavy downpours, going boating, a trip to the beach or the backyard pool, the Posh Puppy has life jackets designed just for dogs.

The Nauti Dog Life Jacket ($35) provides:

· Buoyancy and visibility.

· Warmth and comfort.

· A mesh underbelly for drainage and drying

· Reflective strips for added visibility day or night.

· A nylon handle on top to carry and control your pooch.

A D-ring for attaching your pet’s favorite leash, quick release buckles and Velcro belly straps are also part of the package.

Similar dog life jackets are available in Blue Polka Dots ($35) and Pink Polka Dots ($35). All three are available in sizes from XXSmall to Large (prices vary by size).

Water skiers and beachgoers may prefer this red Neoprene Doggy Life Vest ($45), which is very similar is style and color to that worn by many humans, including lifeguards.

The Posh Puppy Boutique also an attention-grabbing boat flag ($20) with a white bone on blue background. This flag is perfect for letting other boaters know there is a dog in the water.

Hunting dogs, especially those who like waterfowl, may prefer the subtle colors of this Camo Doggy Life Jacket ($49-$69 in sizes up to extra large for dogs weighing more than 90 pounds).

Other options include the Pet-Saver Life Jacket ($38-$48) in neon orange for long-range visibility; the Fashion Aquatic Life Jacket ($30-$49 in sizes from teacup to extra large) in pink floral or blue floral for a fashion statement both on and off the water; and Fido Float ® in orange or yellow with a tail to collar zipper for easy on and off use.

For these and other products designed to make your stay by the water less stressful, visit the Posh Puppy Boutique or call 888-837-5230.

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