Dog Helmet Exclusively For Your Dog!


You have always desired to have a fun filled motorcycle ride with your dog. And you can make it possible! But you have to take few safety measures for your dog. And most importantly we know a bike rider should use helmet and since you are making your dog to ride a motorcycle with you, it also need a dog he

lmet to protect its head from any kind of head injury.

Dog Helmet is a new kind of safety accessory for dog. Its lightweight helmet for dogs who likes to ride on motorcycle! And it’s good for blind dogs since they should not hit themselves to any objects.
And talking about material from these dog helmets are made from is a high impact of ABS plastic the same plastic used which is used in construction hard hats. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, it can guard a dog’s head from wind, windblown objects and other irritants when riding on a motorcycle or even in a car, truck or boat. And it’s excellent for blind dogs that require protection from minor head trauma when bumping into things.

It does not matter if your dogs have stand-up ears! Since these dog helmets are so designed that it does not rest flat on the head. The customizable foam pads that are included fit between the ears, not over them. This prevents the helmet from pushing the ears flat to the head. And the twofold changeable jaw strap lets you custom fit the helmet for almost any dog.

Get one of the dog helmet and make a safe ride with your pet!

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