Check Out The Spiffy New Tiffi Blue Line of Dog Clothes

Tiffi Blue: elegance, simplicity, style.

Check out the brand-new Tiffi Blue line of fashionable dog products from designer Susan Lanci now available at the Posh Puppy Boutique. Susan Lanci products are proudly Made in the USA.
Tiffi’s Gift Tinkie Harness- Silver Stardust Tail Bow Heart ($90) features a large bow on Ultrasuede ® fabric and crystallized Swarovski Elements hang tag. You have 10 sizes options ranging from teacup to extra-large so you can find one that fits your little angel perfectly.
For a slightly smaller bow, check out Tiffi’s Gift Harness- Silver Stardust Tail Bow Heart ($90). This harness is similar—but not identical—to the “Tinkie” model.
Both feature pretty pale blue collars that attach with Velcro.
For a pure, simple and elegant step-in harness, take a close look at Tiffi Blue’s Tail Bow Heart Pure & Simple model ($78). This model uses a single quick-release buckle just above the dog’s shoulders. Leash control affects only your dog’s shoulders, not the delicate bones in their neck. This harness features a blue bow and Swarovski crystal accent.
Other Tiffi Blue step-in harnesses include the:
·  Blue and Silver Stardust ($86) with its silver sparkles throughout.
·  Giltmore XL Pure & Simple ($78) with Swarovski crystal elements on the shoulder.
·  Embellished Pure & Simple with Crystal Paws ($75) with a crystal “paw print” on the shoulder.
·  Embellished Pure & Simple with Cupcake ($75) with a small pink and yellow cupcake on the shoulder.
·  Solid Tiffi Blue ($55) with a solid color that shows simplicity and elegance.
The Posh Puppy’s Tiffi Blue line from Susan Lanci also includes “standard” harnesses featuring Cup Cakes ($65), the Giltmore 4 Row ($85), Butterfly and Bees ($78), Daisy ($68) and Skull ($65).
All of these Tiffi Blue harnesses can be complimented with the matching Tiffi Blue Ultrasuede Dog Leash ($60). The leashes come in 33 colors ranging from Amethyst to Zebra.
Top your dog’s Tiffi Blue outfit off with a matching Big Bow Hair Bow ($20 each). These bows feature a one piece construction that grabs more hair and stays in place better.
These and other fashionable Tiffi Blue dog items—plus literally thousands of other dog (and cat) items—are available now through the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions. Stay updated on all the latest pet fashion action by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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