Cause Baby it's Cold Outside.....


The best part of the holidays is sitting by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate and going outside where the air is crisp, but it can be a bit chilly if you are not prepared.

It seems that most people think that Dogs do not get cold. FALSE... Dog's do get cold therefore Posh Puppy Boutique has made it their passion to carry the best quality and most fashionable dog attire, especially at the holidays. Remember ~ your dog looks good and it makes you look good.

If your dog is a bit on the Scroogy side or is acting a bit Grinchy - it's cause he's cold and cannot go grab a sweater on his own.

Keeping a dog warm and comfortable during the winter months is essential! Posh Puppy Boutique has just the deals for your little elf.

A beautiful Juicy Couture Loop Dog Sweater in Nordic Blue or a Cable Sweater that comes in so many colors might keep them warm. The Uptown Houndstooth Sweater is a big hit with all the hounds and the I'm Dotty Over you Sweater is a dog owner favorite. A dog sweater is the way to keep your dog's chest area warm, especially when going out.

Dog Hats are a big hit too. NOO more of the days of dorky hats, there are some super fun knit dog hats like the Skull Knit Dog Hat or the Pink and Brown Knit hat.

Maybe you live where it's really cold outside.. those walks can be frigid! Knock off those icicles and put a coat on your pooch! Posh Puppy Boutique has dog raincoats, dog jackets and dog parkas. Also, in case the dog coat is too heavy - a dog sweatshirt might be the best choice.

Don't forget too that when your "baby" goes outside, protect those feet with dog shoes. There are dog sneakers and dog boots and even dog socks to help keep those tootsie's warm.

Whatever way you keep your family warm this holiday season, just enjoy each other and the time around the fire and bundle up!

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