Our Custom Dog Tags Identify Your Pets


Identify your dog with grace and a whole lot of style with a new name tag from the Posh Puppy Boutique as the second step in giving them some serious protection.

The first step is slightly painful: injecting a microchip about the size of a rice grain between their shoulders. Among the organizations keeping track of pets, and reuniting them with their owners, is PetKey. Noted “dog whisperer” Cesar Milan states that microchipping is affordable—between $25-$50 per animal depending on where you go—and help bring your precious pup home. PetFinder explains how microchipping works and key advantages over collars and tags.

The biggest problem with microchipping, though, is only shelters and some vets have the scanners required to read them. The average man, woman or child who see a lost dog or cat will have no idea if your dog is chipped. The only way they will find out is by bringing your pet to a shelter or vet.

That is where a good, bright collar and tag come in. Hopefully your dog (or cat) will never be separated from you. But if that misfortune were to occur, having important information etched or stamped into a tag can make all the difference between heartache and celebration.

The Posh Puppy Boutique has a wide selection of tags to pick from. Be unique and go with a Hand Stamped Custom ID Tag. Available in a host of styles with more than 60 to choose from, many of these tags let you enter two lines of text, such as a name and phone number. This information is permanently stamped into the metal making it impossible to wear or rub off.

One of our most popular tags is the Custom Aluminum Domed Circle now on sale for $34! It’s lightweight and measures 1-inch in diameter before being hand stamped and hammered.

Though dog bone tags are common, few pooches walk around with a Copper Bone ID tag, now on sale for $32. These hand-made tags measure 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall making them perfect for big dogs and those who are small in stature but with big hearts.

We also sell several variations of this Rustic Triple Disc Pet ID Tag, now on sale for $41. Made with discs of copper, brass and aluminum, each disc holds one line of text.

The Bella Pet ID Tag, now only $32, is square and features sprigs of lilacs cascading down to your dog’s name. Available finishes are brushed aluminum, weathered copper or brushed nugold.

These are just a small sampling of the many dog tags—not to mention couture fashion dog clothes, beds, toys and accessories—available from your source for top quality pet fashions: the Posh Puppy Boutique.

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