Send Your Dog Back To School


Many school-age children are heading back to class either this week or next. Why not send your pooch back to school—obedience school—at the same time?

The Posh Puppy Boutique can help motivate the humans and the pooches with school-themed pet clothes and healthy dog training treats.

“Give me a ‘W’. Give me an ‘O.’ Give me another ‘O’. Now give me an ‘F.’ What’s that spell? I can’t hear you. What’s that spell? Yes, woof, woof, woof.” If a cheerleading dog could talk they might say something like that.

P:inkaholic New York makes this cheerleading dress in navy and pink.
Well, the Posh Puppy Boutique has a Cheerleader Dress ($36) from designer Pinkaholic New York. Available in small, medium and large sizes, the design combines stripes and solids. It is decorated with frills and ribbons. Color choices are navy and pink.

Why dress your little girl like a cheerleader? So she can send your little human ones off to school with a smile on their faces and welcome them with more smiles and lots of kisses when they get home.

Wooflink makes this lovely schoolgirl dress. A matching boy's outfit is also available.
We also have this gorgeous preppy dog School Girl Dress from Wooflink now on sale for $52. It features a cardigan look top with a bow, a layered skit and Wooflink logo embroidery. The matching School Boy All-In-One Outfit ($61), also from Wooflink features a cardigan look with gold buttons and comfortable black pants. Six sizes are available for each.

When the kids are at school, it’s time to teach your pet a new trick. Edible rewards are a great way to do it.

One unique method of dog training is the MannersMinder Remote Reward Training System ($178) that gives your dog a treat for positive behavior. Follow the link above to learn more.

Another option, whether using a clicker or voice commands, is by rewarding your pet with a tasty treat for positive actions.

Sojo’s Good Dog Treats ($9) are wheat and corn free. The small bone shape makes them the perfect training treat for big dogs and tiny ones, too. Several flavors are available. Best of all, each 8 ounce box contains a lot of treat so your dog will get a reward without being filled up.

Chicken Littles Treats ($11 for a 5 oz. bag) use dehydrated chicken and long grain brown rice as the main ingredients in a treat that is sure to have your dog performing for more.

Organic coconut flour is the primary ingredient in these training treats.
CocoTherapy Five Star Organic Training Treats ($11) is perfect for pets allergic to grains and gluten. The organic coconut flour mix supports skin, coat and digestive health. The treats come in Coconut Bananas Foster and Coconut Gingered Pumpkin.

These are just a tiny sampling of the many school and pet training-related items you can find at the Posh Puppy Boutique.

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